International Trifolium Network [ITN]
Global co-ordination of translational genomics in forage legumes

ITN working groups

Trait dissection and map alignment

This includes common nomenclature for linkage groups, map integration, map alignment, development and use of common populations for phenotyping and mapping studies, development and use of common markers.


Development of common web based resources and tools to underpin developments within Trifolium and links to M. truncatula

ESTs and Arrays

To develop integrated, common resources with respect to production and use of EST libraries in Trifolium.  Also to progress approaches to transcriptome analysis through arrays.

BAC (or fosmid) End Sequencing or equivalent

To initiate and co-ordinate funding bids for key requirements particularly wtih respect to physical and genetic mapping in Trifolium and the 'overlay' of these maps onto M. truncatula









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